About Johan Lidby vinhandel

Johan Lidby Vinhandel focuses on selecting, importing and distributing high quality and highly profiled wines and spirits.

We focus both on private consumers through Systembolaget (the Swedish retail monopoly) and on the restaurant market through our dedicated sales team.

We have deliberately chosen not to represent every wine producing region in the world. We believe in focusing on producers that fit well together within our portfolio regardless of their origin. This helps our customers to have a clear opinion on what they can expect from us. Quality wines and spirits made by people who have a strong belief in what they are doing. It is not a coincidence that nearly all our partners are family owned and run companies.

We are a Stockholm based company working with around 350 products and 70 different producers around the world. Johan Lidby Vinhandel started in 1999 and today we are 20 employees all of us sharing the same passion for wine, food and people.

If you want to contact us via email the address is: info@johanlidbyvinhandel.se

Johan Lidby

Gastronomy and wine, have long been passions of mine. After hospitality and sommelier studies in Paris, I worked in the swedish restaurant trade for some years before joining a swedish wine importing company in 1996. Three years later, in 1999, I was able to establish my own wine importing and distribution business. I started out based at home, but with time and hard work the business grew and my interest for wine as well.

We have our offices at Kungsholmen in Stockholm but distribute wine all over Sweden. We take pride in working closely with ”our” 70 producers and our passion for wines, spirits and the terroir they originate from, has never been stronger.


Wine is not like any other product, it is a world filled with history, passion, human encounters, knowledge and pleasure.

Ta kontakt

Polhemsgatan 20 A 112 36 Stockholm
08-792 03 50

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